4 Vancouver Relationship Building Client Experiences

Looking for a way to get to know a client or prospective client better? Why not build rapport and trust with a memorable, shared experience?

4 Vancouver Relationship Building Client Experiences

Posted Friday January 08th, 2016 by in Creativity + Art.

So, are you looking for a way to get to know a client or prospective client better? Well, you already know that business success - whether it’s growing your customer base or improving your supply chain - requires building relationships. What better way to build rapport and trust than with a memorable, shared experience?

When it comes to taking business out of the office, there is, of course, the perennial corporate favourite: golf. Golf is a great way to get to know clients and work a long sales pitch. Out on the serene course, you get four hours in a relaxed and private setting to talk one-on-one. Golf also has the added bonus of seeing how your client reacts after a bad miss, or shooting from a tough spot. Just don’t heckle her or him too much.

But golf isn’t for everyone; besides, why do the same boring activity that every other business person does? Here in Vancouver, we’re spoiled with all kinds of unique and exciting recreational pursuits. Here are some of my favourite unique and memorable alternatives to throwing your putter into the pond (again):

A great winter alternative that gets you outside is skiing and snowboarding. Vancouver is blessed with three world-class resorts, all less than an hour from downtown. A few hours on the slopes is a great way to better understand your clients. Skiing and snowboarding are both rewarding and challenging experiences to share, and you can use the chairlift rides as an opportunity to discuss business (and the wipeout that kid just took over there). When you are done on the slopes, move to the apres ski to unseal a few cold brews and seal the deal.

A fantastic fair-weather option is hiking (or snowshoeing, as a winter alternative). The only equipment needed are running shoes and a water bottle, and Vancouver has some of the best trails in the world. One of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever had was hiking the BCMC trail with the recruiters from an outdoor apparel company. The outing was the perfect mix of challenge, informal discussion and pointed questions, and the experience as a whole exactly represented the company’s values (talk about “show don’t tell!”).

One of Vancouver’s greatest assets is the combination of mountain range and ocean together in one place, and a great way to get out onto the water is to go kayaking. A paddle around False Creek, English Bay or Deep Cove is a great way to experience Vancouver’s unique mix of spectacular nature on the urban doorstep. One afternoon on the water will be an experience your potential client won’t soon forget.

When it comes to relationship building, a shared experience - especially one that is unique and a little challenging - is a great way to build the kind of trust that leads to a lasting partnership. While there is always room for the average lunch meeting, impressing a prospect with something different and exciting will make you stand out. Just make sure you discuss the activity with your mate ahead of time, in case they’re not quite as adventurous as your plans require!


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