Traditional and Digital Media

GEM plans, negotiates, purchases, tracks and reports both traditional and digital media across television, radio, out-of-home, in-home, print, direct mail, email, search, banner ads, pre-roll, native, social, and new and emerging media.


Our media planning goes beyond demographics and focuses more on psychographics and ethnographics, using Nielsen/Scarborough and other reporting agencies to inform the latest viewer habits and trends. We ask the right questions: how do the target customers think? How do they feel? How do they behave? What values do they embrace? What societal elements inform their purchase decisions?

Ad compatibility

By carefully aligning the habits of the target audience with relevant channels and networks, we ensure not only that the ad will reach the target audience, but also that the ad will fit within the context of the audience’s sentiment at that moment. To ensure ad compatibility, we take into account seasonality, time of day, and current popular trends.

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