Livecare, based in Canada, is the only Telehealth company owned and operated by physicians. The company provides facilitated engagement between providers & patients, a continuum of quality care across branches of medicine, and tools to manage admin tasks more efficiently.

And the team is great at what they do. However, the executive team realized that while they’re healthcare acumen was top-notch, their communications needs were better off in the hands of the real experts – so they selected GEM to bring their model to their key constituents with clarity.

The Strategy

GEM was tasked with revamping the design and copy of the website and case studies in order to convey Livecare at-a-glance to its two main constituents: providers and patients.

While the brand originally spoke to both audiences simultaneously, GEM’s strategy team divided the messaging into two distinct parts that spoke directly to each audience – providers and patients – respectively.

Then, GEM tied those two components together with a solid messaging umbrella that would get to the core of what Livecare does:

“Livecare offers proactive solutions for taking control of healthcare.”

Copywriting and Content

Under the brand umbrella of offering proactive solutions for taking control of healthcare, GEM went to work rewriting the site copy to appropriately funnel constituents into their respective value propositions -- like touting practice-growing benefits for providers while speaking to cost-savings for consumers.

GEM’s copy team then turned to sales collateral, pitch presentations, case studies and blogs that featured clear methodologies and benefits that each consumer group could buy into.


Once Livecare’s messaging was united under one main message and then appropriately segmented by constituent need, Livecare had the infrastructure to go to market with a strong, international brand presence.

We’re proud that Livecare has been able to leverage our work to rapidly grow their footprint with a scalable go-to-market strategy. With the right foundation, anything is possible – even transforming the way we go to the doctor!

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