Why Business Requires Empathy

If business is all about people, then business is all about empathy.

Why Business Requires Empathy

Posted Friday February 10th, 2017 by in Analysis + Strategy.

If business is all about people, then business is all about empathy. No transaction between two humans can succeed without a bit of empathy in the mix. Even the smallest considerations – like asking a customer if there is anything else that she needs – comes from understanding her desire to have great customer service.

If you take this notion and expand it to every facet of your business – including how you communicate with your employees or bosses, customers or suppliers, vendors or partners – you’ll notice that every interaction you have takes some understanding of the opposing perspective. However, companies that thrive have empathy in their very core; or at a minimum, have an empathetic, emotionally-intelligent leader who drives a culture of empathy down through the business.

One can always discern the difference between an empathetic response and a mechanical one. Similarly, there are companies that say they are customer-centric, and companies that are customer-centric. The difference is in the minute details that appear in all of the daily human interactions. When we’re vetting a potential client, potential employee, or potential vendor, we look for these tiny clues and head straight for them in our debrief.

Did you notice how she smiled when she was talking about working with children? She must be passionate about her company’s mission.

Did you notice how often he said, “above and beyond?” I bet he would make for an exceptional account manager.

Did you notice that her company rewards employees every month for exceptional customer service? I bet it would be great to be one of their customers.

Business requires empathy – and at an agency that values perspective, empathy reigns supreme. What would an outsider say about your brand’s empathy?


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