The New Role of Transparency in Corporate Communications

To grow aggressively, you must align with your prospective & current customers by using a new and highly effective communication flow.

The New Role of Transparency in Corporate Communications

Posted Thursday June 02nd, 2016 by in Analysis + Strategy.

Flow of Information

growth-experience-model-flow-of-information.jpgFor decades, the successful business world operated in a heirarchical structure. Executives in charge would pass information down the chain to managers, employees and customers, in what marketers would call a "push" strategy. Products were developed with decisions made at the top, and then the organization determined how to market that product.

However, the business world has changed. Today, the best flow of information starts with customers and flows uphill towards the executive team. With new crowdsourcing platforms and instantaneous feedback mechanisms like social media, customers have the power, and those closest to your customers — your employees — are some of the best sources of information in any organization.

In this new world, the role of executive teams is to listen, reflect, and respond to the desires of the customer. To grow aggressively, your organization must align with your prospective and current customers by using a new and highly effective communication flow.

Communication Leads to Clarity

While many organizations assume that growth is additive — that you have to add a special ingredient to grow — smart brands know that growth involves removing roadblocks that exist in your system. Think about a gem stone; its role isn't to create light, but to reflect light. When the stone is distorted or flawed, the light doesn't reflect with clarity, and what you see is distorted.


The most important part of this metaphorical gem is the apex, where the executive team resides. There, clarity is paramount to the communications of every level above it. Combined, the levels of your organization form the pathway for the brand to emit its greatest potential. When ideas enter from the top, are reflected without interruption by every level, and bounce back to your brand's current and prospective customers with the greatest amount of clarity, your organization will experience aggressive growth.


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