How to Put the "Tag" in Tagline

Tag is exhilarating because it moves you, and your tagline should do the same.

How to Put the "Tag" in Tagline

Posted Friday December 09th, 2016 by in Analysis + Strategy.

What's so exciting about the game of tag? Frankly, I miss playing tag in the great outdoors. Running wild, screaming your fool head off, escaping crazy opponents as they desperately try to track you down. That's some good ol' fashioned fun.

Tag is exhilarating because it moves you. As does the game of tag, so should your tagline. Unfortunately, there are far more taglines out there that don't move anyone to do anything. Speaking of which, you know what's terrible? Taglines that have the word "difference" in them. It's not because the word is overused, or because it's not descriptive, or because it's overused, or because it's overused.....

The word "difference" is a crappy choice for a tagline because it's static. You can't feel or experience or see a difference in and of itself, despite what many well-meaning brands think. Instead, think about how your brand is actually unique, in tangible terms. More importantly, think about what your brand stands for.

I'm reminded of a great tagline by the Great Wolf Lodge: "Everybody in." Every time I see or hear it, I wish I had come up with it.

Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park. Everybody in (the water). Everybody in (the building). Everybody in (on the fun). Everybody in(volved). It's brilliant. It moves you from where you are (the couch) to where you should be (with your friends, in the comfort of an indoor water park). It stands for inclusive participation. It's a statement you can get behind and agree with. And, most importantly, it's actually different (instead of just stating that it is).

Don't settle on a tagline unless it moves you. You'll know you nailed it when it feels like a wind-in-your-hair, you-can't-catch-me game of tag. Go play!


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