Clever Creative: Two For Two

Determining what approach you take for your advertising efforts is half the battle. But today's ads for "Clever Creative" have won the war.

Clever Creative: Two For Two

Posted Thursday August 03rd, 2017 by in Creativity + Art.

Determining what approach you take for your advertising efforts is half the battle. You can use humor, emotions, celebrities, fear, nostalgia and more. From this list you must come up with a concept that will not only grab the attention of your consumers, but will also resonate with them. The ads in today’s “Clever Creative” are two for two in their efforts for creating successful commercials, as they both are enticing and will help consumers remember them the next time they're in the aisle of a grocery store or shopping at a mall.


There tends to be a lot of talk about the lifestyle differences between generations, with ongoing jokes saying that younger generations are at fault for all the problems in the world. They have allegedly destroyed industries such as napkins, golf, cereal and more. Millennials have also been accused by these older generations for having it easier and being lazier.

The reason we love the latest Go-GURT ads is because they are hilariously playing off those allegations. The company does a great job of resonating with their target market (most likely millennial parents) who have probably experienced the kind of contempt that Tim and Charlie have for third graders, first hand. Go-GURT does a great job of transforming nine-year-olds into 90-year-olds, and having them share their strifes of having to walk places, actually do PE and open their Go-GURT tubes “the old-fashioned way,” all to introduce their new EZ Open tubes. We all know people like Tim and Charlie, and maybe are them, which is why these ads are so effective.

Under Armour:

It seems like any time you turn on a sports network, the reporters will make a distinction between athletes and female athletes. The new set of ads from Under Armour wishes to break those boundaries. Each of these world renowned athletes have had to overcome hurdles to succeed in their careers, and the key message of each is that their gender had nothing to do with it. We love these ads for many reasons but the main one is the artful way they are done. Under Armour took Misty Copeland, Natasha Hastings, Jessie Graff, Zoe Zhang, and Alison Désir’s stories and had some of the greatest modern-day poets to turn them into pieces that moved and flowed just as the athletes did. The camerawork does the same, and makes you feel like you are experiencing what they might be, which just puts this ad’s creativity over the edge. The tagline for these ads is “Unlike Any,” and with the poetry and camera working in unison with the athletes, Under Armour creates a captivating set of ads that are certainly unlike any other we’ve ever seen.

Whether you’re creating an ad for new technology on a squeezable yogurt tube, or for an athletic apparel brand that empowers athletes everywhere, you have to start by determining what path to take your ad down. There are numerous approaches, but choosing the wrong one may cause your work to become something that just gets lost in the ad space clutter. Today’s ads from Go-GURT and Under Armour used two of the aforementioned approaches to advertising, humor and celebrities, respectively. They created two drastically different sets of ads, but they both accomplished the same goals: to grab the attention of consumers and be memorable. These ads were two for two in their endeavor to create successful campaigns, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

Let us know what you think of these ads, and be on the lookout for next week’s installment of Clever Creative!

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