Clever Creative: Nature vs. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola had an idea for their newest ad, but Mother Nature had another.

Clever Creative: Nature vs. Coca-Cola

Posted Wednesday June 22nd, 2016 by in Creativity + Art.

In this week’s Clever Creative, we’ll be discussing how even Mother Nature can’t stop Coca-Cola’s success. On Thursday, June 16, the company released its first ad featuring the youngest U.S. Open champion, Jordan Spieth. Coca-Cola has signed a multiyear endorsement with the 22-year-old golfer, and had planned to shoot a TV spot in which Spieth was enjoying an ice-cold Coke while playing golf on a hot day. However, Mother Nature had other plans, forcing the creative team to scrap their original idea and go in a new direction. While we love Coke’s ability to make people crave it’s bubbly beverage through its ads, that’s not why we loved this one.

Why our GEMites liked this clever creative:

The company could have tried to reschedule the shoot a second time, but they decided to view the weather as a new creative opportunity. Most Coca-Cola commercials feature bright, sunny weather that warrants an ice-cold soda, but this ad broke that mold. Mother Nature challenged the company to create a clever new concept, and they rose to the occasion, proving that even nature can’t stand in the way of their success.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

This clever creative that made use of the unfortunate weather wasn’t Coca-Cola’s original idea. We think this ad should serve as an inspiration to look for creative opportunities, no matter the circumstances. It goes to show that you can plan and brainstorm your creative for weeks, but on the day of the shoot, it may end up falling apart. Creatives must always stay on their toes, and look out for the hidden possibilities in what some may perceive as a negative situation. If the first idea doesn’t work, who cares, the second one might be even better, which is something this new Coca-Cola ad can attest to. So, what’s the lesson in this clever creative? Things may not go as planned, but creatives should always be prepared to think on their feet.

Let us know what you think, and look out for next week’s installment of Clever Creatives!

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