Clever Creative: Being an Outsider Is a Good Thing

L.L. Bean shows that making the time to get outdoors and “Be An Outsider" can have a greater impact on us than we often realize.

Clever Creative: Being an Outsider Is a Good Thing

Posted Friday November 09th, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

Whether it is the allure of technology, the pressure to excel in school or the need to succeed at work, we very rarely have the time to get outside and enjoy the world around us. Making the time to get outdoors and “Be An Outsider,” as one of L.L. Bean’s most recent marketing campaigns suggests, can have a greater impact on us than we often realize. Spending time outdoors, even just a few minutes a day, is beneficial for our physical, emotional and mental health, and that’s exactly the focus of this new campaign. See for yourself in one of the campaign’s ads:

Empathy Over Details

“The Pitch” starts off in a serious and intense manner that is only heightened by the background music. Having the L.L. Bean logo against a background of their signature muted-green color in the beginning of the ad contributes to its success. Another clever aspect is how the tagline blends into the company name: Watch the “be” and “an” closely.

This filming technique allowed the company to focus on attributes that are important to consumers such as style, comfort and durability, rather than constantly flashing the logo or mentioning the company name. You’ll also notice that there are no words spoken in the ad; rather, it tells a story by showing actions that resonate more strongly with viewers. After all, who hasn’t played wiffle ball in the rain with family and friends?

Be Encouraged Not Discouraged

When was the last time you found joy in splashing in puddles or tromping through the mud like children do? Or do you ever want to walk to class, run errands or go to work on a cold, rainy day? This ad visualizes, rather than explains, that if you have the proper clothing from L.L. Bean, the weather doesn’t matter. In fact, L.L. Bean’s waterproof outerwear may even encourage and inspire you to do something out of the norm — which can lead to the feelings of pure elation demonstrated in the ad.

Marketing Ingenuity

At first glance, the title of L.L. Bean’s new marketing campaign “Be An Outsider” is just a creative way to encourage people to get outdoors while wearing L.L. Bean products. However, “The Pitch” is just one spot involved in a much larger movement. L.L. Bean wants everyone to spend more time outside regardless of whether or not they are using their products:

  • Be an Outsider at Work” is a work initiative that encourages people to get out of the cubicle and take advantage of the creative and productive benefits of being outdoors. L.L. Bean has even gone as far as offering tips and a downloadable handbook for doing so.
  • #BeanOutsider invites customers to be a part of the campaign on Instagram.
  • An innovative “Be an Outsider” ad can only be read out in the sunlight.

Who knew that being an outsider could be such a good thing?

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Written by Madison Borden during her Fall 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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